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Set list for 06/18/08

For our next-to-last show on WLUW, we invited our friends Mary and Melanie to pretty things up for us. We think it turned out better than we could've expected.

Tune in next week for The Final Hump Day on WLUW, featuring Treasure Mammal, Faiz Razi and his Musical Chairs project, and The Final Countdown Orchestra! Plus, listen for your chance to win passes to the Pitchfork Music Festival!

* [BED] The Mae-Shi "Theme Shi"
* Silver Apples "A Pox On You/Anthem (with Jimi Hendrix)" Selections from the Early Sessions (ChickenCoop Recordings)
* Glass Candy "Brittle Women" Love Love Love (Troubleman Unlimited)
* Vortex OST "Black Box Disco" V/A: New York Noise Vol. 2 (Soul Jazz)
* Paul McCartney "Temporary Secretary" McCartney II (Columbia)
* Gang of Four "Damaged Goods" V/A: Troublemakers (Warner Brothers)
* [BED] "Kashmir"
* The Cool Kids "Black Mags" The Bake Sale (Chocolate Industries)
* Run-D.M.C. "You Talk Too Much" V/A: Jammin' (PRI)
* ESG "Dance" Come Away with... (99 Records)
* Tetine "I Go To the Doctor" I Go To the Doctor 12" (Soul Jazz)
* [BED] "The Neverending Story"

* The Rapture "Olio" Yes New York (Vice)
* Natural History "It's a Law" Beat Beat Heartbeat (Startime International)
* Mary and Melanie "The Clown Song" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/18/08
* Mary and Melanie "I'd Like To Know" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/18/08
* Mary and Melanie "Projection Song" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/18/08
* Mary and Melanie "Steps" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/18/08

* Aleks and the Drummer "track 2" May a Lightning Bolt Caress You (Self Release)
* Interview with Mary and Melanie
* Portishead "Deep Water" Third (Island)
* Mary and Melanie "I Don't Really Love You Any More" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/18/08
* Mary and Melanie "The Tree Song" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/18/08
* New Order "ICB" Movement (Qwest)
* Loto Ball Show "I Saw Your Lines" Loto Ball Show (Reversible Eye)
* The Monkees "Let's Dance On" The Monkees (Colgems)
* Walter Meego "Girls" Voyager (Almost Gold)
* [BED] Europe "The Final Countdown" The Final Countdown (Epic)
* Joe Jackson "Steppin OUt" Night and Day (A&M)

Set List for 6/11/08
The Hump Day Dance Party welcomes the Loto Ball Show for an amazingly awesome live set engineered by our good friend DJ Magic Unicorn. Loto Ball plays their record release show on Tuesday the 17th at the Empty Bottle with the legendary group Silver Apples. For those not in Chicago, the two groups will be touring with each other through June and July. Be sure to check them out.

Lots of weird ass music was played. Good times were had.
If you're reading this on Wednesday, head on out to the Town Hall Pub to catch Dr. Drase, Dj Magic Unicorn and Michael Ardaiolo pumping out the jam.

* The Mae SHi "Theme Shi"
* Colder "Wrong Baby" Heat (Output)
* Jamie Lidell "Little Bit Of Feel Good" Jim (Warp)
* DJ Scotch Egg "Scotch Phantom" Drumized (Load)
* Korean Black Eyes "Jesus Christ Superstar"
* King Khan & The Shrines "Took My Lady To Dinner" The Supreme Genius of (Vice)
* Aleks and the Drummer "????" May a Lightning Bolt Caress You
* The Sword "Lords" Gods of the Earth (Kemado)
* Steinski "It's Up To You (Television Mix)" What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective (Illegal Art)
* [BED] Wire "23 Years Too Late" Read & Burn 03 (Pinkflag)

* Dominique Leone "Nous Tombons Dans Elle" Dominique Leone (Stromland)
* Silver Apples "You and I" Contact (TRC)
* The Bad Plus "Tom Sawyer" Heads Up (Do The Math)
* Letta Mbulu "Pula Yetla" The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970 (Blue Note)
* [BED] Salah Abd Alghafour "Wall (By God)" Choubi Choubi! Folk and Pop Sounds From Iraq (Sublime Frequencies)
* Neu! "Weissensee" Neu! (Astralwerks)
* Takagi Masakatsu "Wonderland" Journal For People (Carpark)
* Klaus Nomi "You Don't Own Me" S/T (RCA)
* Black Future "Eu Sou O Rio" Nao Wave: Brazillian Post-Punk 1982-1988 (Man Recordings)
* Deerhoof "Spirit Ditties of no Tone" The Runners Four (Kill Rock Stars)

* Loto Ball Show "I can be your eyes" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/11/08
* Loto Ball Show "I saw your lines" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/11/08
* Loto Ball Show "dead kiss" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/11/08
* Loto Ball Show "hoodlums" Live on the Hump Day Dance Party 06/11/08

* L. Hollis & THe Mackadoos "Monkey Time Shine" Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack label (Numero)
* Loto Ball Show "I Chose You" Levy on the eyeway (Gifted Children)
* Santogold "Say Aha" Santogold (Downtown)
Set List for 05/28/08
Due to loads of technical difficulties with malfunctioning cd players in the studio we were luckily forced to bring in piles of vinyl to compensate. Boy are we glad! So much awesomeness was had.

With only 5 weeks left for the HDDP on WLUW, we'd like to thank all of our fans and give you plenty of time to gear up for the "Final Countdown" on June 25th. Fear not though friends, the HDDP will not die. The Chicago Independent Record Project will soon be launching Chirpradio and the Hump Day will reign supreme on your internets once again as we continue our efforts to secure a broadcast license for a new Chicago radio station!!!!

* Mae SHi "Theme Shi"
* Bird Peterson "The Who Remix" Plays His Own (Soon-To-Be) Popular Computer Jams (Flamin Hotz)
* Jungle Brothers "Freakin' You (Michael Moog Monster Mix)" Freakin' You (Gee Street)
* Digital Underground "Dowatchyulike" Dowatchyulike (Tommy Boy)
* Run DMC "Radio Station" Tougher Than Leather (Profile)
* Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star "Definition" Definition & Twice Inna Lifetime (Rawkus)
* Eli Escobar "Me And You" Money Lotion (Money Studies)
* Whodini "Freaks Come Out At night" Jammin' (PRI Records)
* Kurtis Blow "Sunshine" Kingdom Blow (Mercury)
* ESG "It's Alright" Come Away With ESG (99 Records)
* DJ Boba Fettucini "My Fine Feathered Finks / Dope Effin Penguin Beat" Dark Knight Breaks (Mon Mothma Recordings)
* [BED] 101 Strings "Eleanor Rigby / Tropic of Chelsea" Plays Hits Written By The Beatles (Record Club Of America)
* Schlagerraketen "Ja, ja der Twist beginnt / Hawaii, my love" Schlagerraketen (Universum)
* Ginette Garcin "Cresoxipropanediol En Capsules " Girls in the Garage Vol. 10 Groovy Gallic Gals (Romulan)
* Carrie Nations "Look On Up At The Bottom" Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (20th Century Fox / A&M)
* The Monkees "Sweet Young Thing" Meet The Monkeys (Colgems)
* The Mummies "Jezabel" Never Been Caught (Telstar)
* [BED] Art Ensemble of Chicago "Funky Aeco" New Thing! (Soul Jazz)

* James Knight & The Butlers "Cotton Candy" Black Knight Cat Records)
* Peter Grudzien "Queen of All The Blue Eyed" The Unicorn (Radioactive)
* The Velvet Underground "Rock & Roll" Loaded (Cotillion)
* Paul Mc Cartney "Temporary Secretary" Mc Cartney II (MPL)
* Kraftwerk "Trans-Europe Express" Trans-Europe Express (EMI)
* Portishead "Machine Gun" Third (Mercury)
* [BED] David Shire "Night On Disco Mountain" Saturday Night Fever SDTK (RSO)
* [BED] Kool And the Gang "Open Sesame" Saturday Night Fever SDTK (RSO)
* Devo "Social Fools" Troublemakers (Warner Brothers)
* The Bloods "Button Up" New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
* DNA "5:30" New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
* Grace Jones "Warm Leatherette" Warm Leatherette (Island)
* Sexy Prison "Teen Wolfes Parte Like Whitney (HARG)" Italians Who Just Saw Rocky (Nascar)
* Mahjonng "The Rabbit" Raydoncongg (Cold Crush)
* Kid Sister "Switchboard (Instrumental)" Pro Nails 12" (Fools Gold)
* Europe "The Final Countdown" The Final Countdown (Epic)

The Hump Day Dance Party , hosted by Michael Flavor >Dr. Drase, can be heard Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00pm on 88.7FM WLUW, or online at WLUW.org
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